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The Move to
Three Services

As you may have heard, we're moving our service times & implementing a third service. Beginning April 9th, we'll be meeting at 8:30, 10, and 11:30 a.m. every Sunday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we making this change?  

Attendance at LMBC has consistently been above 80% of our building’s capacity. Unfortunately, our space & body can’t sustain this size for much longer. But what a great problem to have! As a result, we’ve had to consider a few options to make room for everyone. While our ultimate goal is to plant a new church, we’ve decided to add a third service now to create space & also prepare for the plant.


Is this permanent, or just for Easter?

We’ll be sticking to the 3-service structure for the time being, even after Easter. We’re planning to test the waters for a few weeks to see if attendance balances out between the services. While there is a chance we’ll return to two services, it’s unlikely…At least for now.


Will the services be different?

Nope! All three services will be identical in content. The only difference will be the children’s ministry & live stream schedules.


Will the services still be the same length?

No, we’ll be transitioning to 65 minute services to leave transition time between services. However, we will not be removing anything major from the services. We’ll still have at least 4 songs & 40 minutes of teaching.


What will the space between services look like?

We’re planning on having 25 minutes between each service. That’s a bit of a cut from our current 45 minutes! We’re hoping this encourages you to seek community throughout the week since Sundays aren’t the ideal space for connecting. We’ll be working to increase life group availability to ensure everyone can build & foster solid relationships.


Will there be enough parking?

Part of the reason we’re making this transition is to make sure we have parking space for everyone since we’re running out of space. We plan to expand our parking lot this summer and are actively working to maximize the efficiency of our current space.

What will children’s ministry look like?

Much like our current schedule, there will be child care options for ages 0-5th grade during all services. Heres’ the plan:

            8:30 a.m. | Nursery, Preschool Church, Children’s Church (K-5th Grade)

            10 a.m. | Nursery, Preschool Church, Sunday School (K-High School)

            11:30 a.m. | Nursery, Preschool Church, Children’s Church (K-5th Grade)

Elementary, middle, and high school Sunday School classes will occur during our 10 a.m. service.


Which service will be live streamed?

We’ll be live streaming the 11:30 a.m. service.


Will overflow be available for all 3 services?

Yep! If you need to step out, take care of the kiddos, or can’t find a seat, we’ll have a space set up for you in Fellowship Hall. We’ll also have a live feed running to the lobby.


How will this affect volunteers?

We so love our volunteers and are working hard to make sure this doesn’t add much to your workload! For anyone serving at all our services, this will only add a total of 35 minutes to the time you serve with us with the third service is scheduled to end at 12:35. Here’s a breakdown by team:

  • The worship team (including media) will now begin practice at 7:15 a.m. on Sundays.

  • There will be a Welcome Team assigned to each service. The team is expected to be there during transition times (8:00 am during 1st, 9:30 am during 2nd, and 11 a.m. during 3rd)

  • Children’s Ministry volunteers will just need to be there during the services they are assigned to.

Check with your ministry leader for any specific changes in scheduling.

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