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Administrative Assistant

Lazy Mountain Bible Church

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role


The Administrative Assistant provides secretarial services to the ministry staff, Mission’s Committee and other ministries as approved by the Executive Pastor, serves as the church receptionist and coordinates the over-all functions of the office staff. The Administrative Assistant also oversees the financial activities of the church.


· The Administrative Assistant is accountable to the Executive Pastor.

· The Administrative Assistant is accountable to the church Treasure and/or Audit Committee and the Executive Pastor concerning the financial activities of the church.

Secretarial Responsibilities:

· Greet visitors to the church office.

· Answer and direct phone calls and email to the appropriate staff member.

· Typing and printing for office staff as requested which includes but not limited to: letters, reports, fliers.

· Preparing, printing and publishing to the LMBC website the weekly Communicator.

· Maintain, update and print welcome materials, Photo Directories, and Church Membership Lists as needed.

· Maintains master church calendars as needed.

· Oversees the scheduling of building use and other resources.

· Communicates weekly by email with staff a building use schedule.

· Serves as the admin on both the Facebook group and Facebook page.

· Oversees the email prayer chain.

· Schedules routine maintenance and repairs of office equipment with Valley Business Machines.

· Prepare, compile and print annual reports.

· Schedule and coordinate with outside contractors and vendors.

· Other duties as assigned.

Financial Responsibilities:

· Prepare and make deposits of all money to the church.

· Oversee and maintain the online giving.

· Accounts payable for LMBC.

· Process and distribute payroll and payroll taxes for LMBC.

· Prepare, compile and print monthly and annual reports.

· Prepare and distribute donation reports annually.

· Maintain and reconcile LMBC checking and/or savings accounts.

· Provide financial reports and communicate regularly with the treasure and audit committee.


· Formal training in accounting/bookkeeping (college level or like experience preferred).

· Ability to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously.

· Ability to maintain good rapport with church members, staff, volunteers and contacts in

the community.

· Keep confidentiality and operate with a spirit of truth and love.

· Must keep regular office hours.

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