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Service Time Survey

We're planning to adjust service times to allow for more transition time & fellowship between services. Please take a moment to fill out this short survey. Learn More >

1. My Household

We won't use any of your answers for personal identification.
Kids' Age Range

2. Current Attendance

No, we're not taking attendance. We just want to see which of our current services is meeting your needs & why!

3. My Preferences

Now for the fun part! Let us know what you think about these potential new service times.
Select your MOST preferred set of service times:
Select your LEAST preferred set of service times:
What service time would you be most likely to attend? Please answer using a time listed above.
08:00 AM
If we offered an identical Sunday evening service, would you be more likely to attend that or the morning service?

Success! Thanks for taking time to give us your feedback. And thanks for being a part of the LMBC family!

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